Loughborough University's culture was what hooked me to come and study here. It is full of love, prosperity, innovation, excellence, sportsmanship and diversity, which all align with my personal values. The design and beauty of the Loughborough University campus is also much nicer compared to the other universities that I visited when I was first considering where to study.

I chose to study Urban Planning at Loughborough because I believe that it will equip me with the skill set and experience needed to solve problems in developing countries, such as my home country Ethiopia. Urban Planning covers a wide range of topics from law to geography, which will give me a full understanding of how urban areas operate. If we plan our urban areas correctly, we can tackle all the urban challenges that Ethiopia currently faces as a developing country. Becoming an Urban Planner will allow me to fulfil my life goal.

My favourite thing about being a Loughborough student is the diversity. The diversity of race, cultures, beliefs, lifestyles, degrees, interests, innovation, passions, and the idea that nothing is the same. Everyone and everything is unique at Loughborough, from academics to facilities, making it stand out from all the other universities in the country.

Nat Alelgne

Loughborough’s lecturers are world-class academics, always willing to come up with new ways of teaching. They consistently ask for feedback on how they can improve their lessons, and my personal tutor always checks up on how I’m coping with the course and my overall wellbeing. It is great that I can reach my lecturers any time I need help.

Problem-solving is my favourite aspect of this course. As an Urban Planner, you have the opportunity to tackle the massive urban challenges that our world is facing, such as climate change, poverty, water shortages, inequality, and more. Throughout the Urban Planning course at Loughborough, not only do we learn about the current urban challenges that the world is facing, but we are also encouraged to come up with innovative ways to solve them through class discussions, debates, group work and individual assignments.

If you’re considering studying Urban Planning at Loughborough, I would say go for it! With an Urban Planning degree from Loughborough, you are the future of our built environment with the ability to change millions of people’s lives now and in the future.

nat smiling at camera
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