I chose Loughborough because as soon as I arrived, I knew this was the place for me – the campus felt electric and so alive on the Open Day. Also and funnily enough, my Sixth Form tutor attended Loughborough and he raved about it!

He recommended that I apply for an engineering course because I was seeking a challenge. That piqued my interest and I decided to apply and check it out for myself. For my course, the University was at the top in the league tables and when I had received a conditional offer, I thought - why not?

I loved the course’s mix of engineering and management, with some modules being rather mathematical and others more conceptual. The multi-dynamic nature of the course meant there was something for everyone and you could essentially become a’ jack of all trades’. If I had to choose, my favourite module would be Management of Human Resources – I loved the theoretical approach to evaluating effective leadership. Also, the whole class went on a team building course for a week and there were a variety of challenges we took part in - it was definitely an interesting experience.

Building is at the heart of the course and I enjoyed numerous site visits and field trips all designed to hone our practical knowledge of the industry away from the context of lectures.

Mauranda Lewis

I believe the teaching facilities were second-to-none – many of the lecture rooms were air-conditioned and I genuinely found attending lectures to be an enjoyable experience.

Also, the lecturers were professionals in their fields and were always there to help if students had any questions. I had countless meetings with lecturers when I didn’t understand a certain topic. I received support from the wider University, too, particularly during study skills support sessions which have been useful - personally, I find maths quite tricky!

I completed a placement with my sponsoring company and it was very insightful; I was able to understand what I want from my career when I graduate which is great for planning my long-term career goals. But next, I am looking at studying a Masters in Project Management and I have already organised a meeting with my University tutor about planning my application.

Mauranda working

Loughborough walks on water, right? As a Loughborough student I believe I can do anything I set my mind to.

There were many resources on campus that I could implement in any given situation, for example the enterprise service on campus that supports students looking to start their own business, or the student accommodation service if I was looking to move. Basically, whatever you needed Loughborough had services that supported you.

The campus was always buzzing with things to do, societies to join – it never stopped. I was involved quite heavily in a local church, ‘The Junction Church’ where I made many friends who were both students and locals from Loughborough.

My favourite moment so far? Wow, there are too many to remember… my most defining moment at Loughborough would funnily enough be at the Sing Off during Fresher’s week, all those years ago. As I was chanting for my halls, I suddenly realised how much I’d already developed during the first week of term. I remember feeling hopeful and like there was much more growth still to come – in hindsight, that was totally true.

Mauranda graduated from Loughborough University in 2018.

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