The first time I came to Loughborough was for an engineering residential in 2019, where I attended various taster sessions for the different types of engineering. I particularly enjoyed the session in electronic engineering, I found it linked well to my personal interests in renewable energy and I liked what the course offers, which helped me decide that I wanted to do this degree. As I was impressed by the facilities and atmosphere here, I chose to apply with Loughborough as my first choice.

The facilities are great, particularly those in STEMLab which have helped me develop my practical skills in a guided environment and become more confident in my engineering abilities. The laboratories have allowed me to appreciate the theory taught in my modules and learn how to implement it in real life. They also provide a good space for personal study and revision.

I really enjoyed the programming module this year; it’s a skill I had never learnt before, but I had been quite interested in trying. It was exciting to learn and adapt a new language to execute my own project, and I found the problem-solving process really rewarding. My lecturers are really supportive; they are always available on email for help with questions or concerns. Something I found particularly helpful was the calls on Microsoft Teams that were arranged for support with our coursework projects, as I was able to talk one-on-one with my lecturer, which helped me understand where I was going wrong and what I could do to improve.

Marnie Wyncoll

I was awarded the IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship, which I am so proud of. The scholarship provides me with exciting opportunities, and the resources, support and funding will greatly benefit my studies and future career. I’m interested in applying my degree to a career in renewable energy and sustainability and the later years of my degree offers modules on renewable energy, which will help me discover more about this, and Loughborough’s existing links to industry should benefit my ambitions as well.

As the engineering residential was a key reason why I chose this course, my advice to anyone considering studying engineering would be to try to take on as many opportunities like taster days and residentials as you can. These will help you be more sure of what interests you and what you want your degree to include, and you can also write about them on your personal statement.

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