Madison Harris


Subject area
Sport Sciences

My experience with injury and injury rehabilitation has opened my eyes to this aspect of the sport industry and has led me towards an interest in pursuing a career related to sporting injuries.

I’m proud to have been invited to speak at the Everything in Sport Conference, Women's Edition, this summer alongside some of the most significant individuals and organisations from around the world and within sport.

At the event, I participated in a Q&A session, providing insight into my personal journey and injuries, and sharing all of my experiences playing and coaching various different sports.

Practical learning in world-leading facilities, alongside our lectures, has really helped me to gain a great amount of applied understanding to course content, which can be easily transferred into the real world. The laboratory practical sessions and seminars have also been helpful in creating a judgement-free space to ask questions to lecturers and discuss course content with other students.

Madison Harris

As Loughborough has such a strong reputation for sport, I knew this would be a great place to fully focus on football. Using my prior experience coaching at a grassroots level, I have coached one of the Loughborough Women’s AU football teams.

Although I started out strong and was recognised for my ability, I sustained an ACL rupture and a meniscal root tear quite early into the season which required surgery. I am currently completing a year of rehabilitation, but I’m still determined to pursue football as much as I can.

I’m really grateful for the amount of academic support and expertise that’s been available to me whilst studying at Loughborough University, especially in supporting me with mitigating circumstances due to my injury.

Loughborough University strives to provide its students with a large range of opportunities. The combination of incredible facilities, excellent teaching quality, and working and networking opportunities available due to the University’s reputation for sport science, makes it an ideal place to study.

The connections I have built, in addition to the large range of theoretical and practical knowledge I have gained throughout my degree, have prepared me for a successful career across a range of sporting disciplines.

Highlights of my time at Loughborough outside of my course, are making friends with other students and being involved in sport coaching. My advice to those considering studying Sport and Exercise Science is to make sure that you enjoy what you are learning; being passionate about what you’re learning makes it much easier!

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