The opportunity to be part of a course that had a fresh perspective rooted by the School’s profound status in building is what attracted me to Loughborough University. The University itself boasted of one of the greatest campus experiences that I had seen. With all the facilities and staff, it felt like a little ecosystem, everyone is so friendly and helpful.

I chose to study Architecture mainly to push myself and to conquer fears of self confidence that the course would encourage me to build upon. Architecture is multifaceted and the course acts as a medium to find your own interests by being immersed within the considered content of the different modules. Architecture also pushes both your mental and practical skills beyond the bounds of more conventional courses, acting as a platform for choice later in your education. The course’s structure and teaching staff have been thoroughly interrogated to ensure the highest standard of teaching, whilst still maintaining the communal and family life aspect in abundance within the studio. The facilities provided at the School make its students phenomenally well-equipped for the challenges the course presents throughout each year.

My admiration for the commitment and hard work of the teaching staff, especially the course’s director, is profound and something that you will not find anywhere else. The way the course has been crafted for cross module fertilisation makes the process of growing as a designer an organic and enjoyable process. The support system from both an educational and support standpoint feel both unique and personal, a comfortable environment that encourages students to excel and push beyond their own perceived limits.

The quality of teaching is beyond excellent. Due to the nature and breadth of the subject, a cohesive relationship between staff members ensures that the experience for students is as engaging and fulfilling as it can be. As the course still incredibly young, so are its facilities. The workshop space is great, with the more recent addition of a CNC router, the School is gradually collecting an arsenal of tools in order to give its students the facilities it requires for all the challenges the course presents.

I would say that Design Studio is my favourite module as it can be seen as the synthesis of all modules. With its high weighting and intense workload, there is nothing more rewarding than the review days at the end of projects which give you the opportunity to celebrate your work with course mates whilst getting valuable feedback from members of the industry.

Lewis Foster-Jeapes

I have found the support both individually and collectively to be profoundly strong. The personal tutoring system and the communal atmosphere you receive in the studio, the way the course has been put together, the friendliness of both the students and the teaching staff makes you feel like you can speak to everybody. This network is one of the course’s major successes and I feel that it is an integral part of why the students’ work is consistently at such a high level at such an early stage in their education.

lewis working

I intend to go on placement this year, even in the current circumstances I aim to be working for the intended 45 weeks. This is an element of the course that has had to adapt to the uncertain circumstances we currently face and with the economic disturbances of Brexit, which the School has done very successfully and I am sure will continue to do so.

I hope to become a practicing architect with a range of practice sizes before embarking on the later stages of my education to ensure that I can become the most well-rounded student, which Loughborough is already moulding me to become. However, as I progress through both my education and life outside of architecture, new progressive opportunities could present themselves that match the skill set gained throughout my degree.

If you are considering to study Architecture at Loughborough, I would honestly say that you should just join. Both the course and the University itself have become key catalysts in my development as both a student and a young man, and I feel that coming to Loughborough University has been my greatest achievement and best choice that I have made to date. The experience here is unparalleled and there is nothing that will restrict your fruition as a student here.

lewis additional

There are numerous opportunities across the campus. With both sports clubs and societies, there is always opportunities to meet new people and engage with new things.

The best way to enjoy Loughborough is to do things that you usually wouldn’t do to ensure that you make the most of your time here, as even for me as a second year student, time is flying by.

My favourite thing about being a Loughborough student is the people. Simple but profoundly strong and defiant, everyone that I have had the pleasure to work with or met on a social capacity has always been empathetic and well-rounded. The experience wouldn’t be the same without the people, as they will guide you through the process and help you enjoy the experiences and memories you will gain throughout your life at Loughborough.

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