Kurtis Bedward

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I chose Loughborough because it is a world-renowned university that I knew would challenge me.

I like how the lecturers test understanding rather than making exams purely a memory test, so assessments have been a welcomed challenge. It is also extremely useful how many of the lecturers work in fields that students may aspire to work in themselves.

The highlight of my time at Loughborough has genuinely been meeting so many incredible people; the people here inspire me to be bold and to “give life a good go!” They say you meet your friends for life at university - I would comfortably say I have met a few and I am only halfway through my time here.

Kurtis Bedward

My career plans following graduation is the million-dollar question! My post-undergraduate plans change like the seasons.

I will say that Loughborough has supported me massively. I have been able to talk to the careers department, had a mentor through the Future Black Talent program, and had informal conversations with staff.

The advice I would give to someone considering studying at Loughborough would be to get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, cut down on sugar and try to exercise regularly.

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