I chose Loughborough not only due to the excellent reputation for engineering but also the amazing range of facilities. After visiting the campus at an open day and having several talks and tours around the facilities, I gained a greater insight into the different topics I would be taught and was excited that I would have the chance to use the workshop throughout my degree and eventually make something myself. Also, as Loughborough is a campus university, I loved the community feel and the opportunity to easily meet other people studying other engineering courses.

Having access to the laboratories and workshops gave me the opportunity to see engineering theory in practice, which helped me to better understand what I had been taught. Also, with a variety of study spaces around campus, with dedicated space for engineering students to work, I was able to have access to all the required software needed for my course and had a quiet space to work in between lectures.

My favourite part of my course was having the opportunity to create objects within workshops, using equipment such as lathes or 3D printing machines. I loved that the course was very hands on with a balance of theoretical and practical work giving the opportunity to build physical products which applied the engineering theory taught, especially in my final year.

In addition to this, there were so many other opportunities I had during my time at Loughborough. I went on a two-day engineering retreat with other female engineers where I heard talks from women within the industry and networked with my peers from other universities studying similar courses.

In my second year, I had the chance to visit an engineering manufacturing factory with my course mates, where we got to see the manufacturing process of an oil module used in tanks and rigs, as well as working on an industry-based project with Baker Hughes. We had to automate one of their manufacturing processes which gave me an insight into the type of projects I could potential undertake with a career in mechanical engineering.

Kevwe Sanomi

There is plenty of support available at the University, both academically within the department and with any other issues you may experience. Lecturers are always on hand within the department to offer help or advice if you are struggling with any part of the course or if there is a topic you do not understand. There is also a Maths Learning Centre which offers mathematic help and support. I often sought help from my lecturers throughout the duration of my degree and they were always supportive, encouraging, and willing to help me.

After I graduate, I would like to start a career within the medical technology and devices industry. My undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and my master’s degree in Engineering Design both from Loughborough have provided me with the theoretical understanding behind the concepts used to create medical devices. In my final year of Mechanical Engineering, I had the opportunity to undertake a medical project, designing from scratch an adaptable prosthetic socket for children. From this I gained a lot of knowledge related to my desired field and clarified my interest in creating medical products.

Outside of my academic learning, I frequently partook in the ‘My Lifestyle’ free recreational sport classes, having the opportunity to do yoga, badminton and table tennis which was very enjoyable. I was also part of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) in my first year, eventually joining the committee as a Media Representative in my second year.

My greatest achievement was getting a first class in my final year project. Working during the Covid-19 pandemic was difficult however, I was still able to achieve high marks, with support from my department and my supervisor, to ensure I could complete all aspects on my project.

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