Katie Randall

Current student

Subject area
Sport Sciences

I intend to do a Masters in physiotherapy to become a qualified physiotherapist. My course helped me to discover this career path, as we covered content involving physiotherapy. The Careers Network here at Loughborough have helped me to learn more about this career path and how to progress to achieve a career in this field.

We have guest lecturers deliver specialised content in their area of expertise, which is a really valuable opportunity.

I have found that the ideas in the teaching and coaching modules have been useful for my understanding of techniques, particularly when coaching children. These skills have been transferable across other aspects of life and career pathways of interest too.

I used the techniques I have learnt on my course this summer when I worked at a kid’s camp in America. Due to this learning, I manged to independently deliver affective coaching sessions making sure to include all the essential methods to make the children’s experience valuable.

Katie Randall

I am part of AU Dance at Loughborough; this has been a huge part of my university experience and I have met so many friends through joining this. We practice weekly in preparation for shows and competitions, whilst also enjoying the socials throughout the year.

Sport clubs at Loughborough are largely student led, as a result of this I had the opportunity to be on the dance committee as a welfare and diversity representative. This allowed me to contribute to the club throughout the year.

This year I am volunteering as a jazz coach for AU Dance through the university’s Coach and Volunteer Academy. I am responsible for choreographing and teaching my own dance class, allowing me to utilise many of the coaching skills I have learnt on my course and further apply them to another real-life scenario.

I have experienced some very interesting and engaging lab sessions, practical sessions in the sports hall, and sessions in the new gyms. We frequently get to practice our learning using a variety of equipment, putting what we have learnt in lectures into a real-life context.

I would advise people to not worry if they don’t know what career they want to go into yet… this is very normal at this stage!

As this course covers so many different topics, you will easily find something that is suited to you, and that you may not have realised was an even option before joining Loughborough.

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