Jane Briscoe

Subject area
Sport Sciences

I work at Momentum Sports Performance Centre on the Gold Coast of Australia, the centre for elite athletic training in the area.

My role is split into three main areas: one-on-one coaching with athletes or injured clientele; working with schools to develop their sports excellence programmes; and delivering strength, conditioning and endurance classes.

My degree taught me a number of important training principles that are applicable to the athletic population. A lot of my coaching is nutritional and so the sports nutrition modules have given me a solid understand of specific athletic guidelines. 

I wanted to work as a coach as I have always been attracted to leadership roles. I also wanted to live in Australia due to its idealistic climate and outdoor living. Being able to combine the necessary skills from my academic background with my passion for strength and conditioning led me to being a coach for athletic development on the gold coast - living the dream! 

I am certain that my four years at Loughborough University will be the best four years of my life. There is so much to immerse yourself in and the Loughborough culture is exceptionally strong.

Jane Briscoe

Without doubt, Loughborough University offered a student experience like no other.

At no other time in your life would you be able to try 60 different sports, activities, and social activities. I decided to play two sports and I was head coach for one of them, which was extremely rewarding. I was also a part of number of committees and in my master’s year I organised the AU Ball - the largest sporting ball in the country.

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