Jamie Kirkhouse

Subject area

There are two reasons I chose to study at Loughborough: the campus and the people. After attending the open day, it was clear to see the passion that all of the staff had for both the University and their subject areas. Secondly, the campus and its facilities are second to none and really left a lasting impression on me.

Studying Physics at Loughborough was a really good experience. The course itself has a good breadth and depth and exposes you to a wide range of Physics topics, and there are countless opportunities in a variety of sectors once you’ve graduated.

I’m currently a Safety Engineer working within the Defence sector. I’m looking forward to starting an industry specific Masters programme in September 2024 with a further ambition to then become a Chartered Engineer.

Jamie Kirkhouse

My greatest achievement so far has probably been graduating as it meant a lot to myself and my family. During my time at Loughborough, playing in the IMS Football Cup Final at the Stadium was a really good experience.

Working in the Defence industry gives you a really good opportunity to see some interesting projects that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, as well as putting you at the forefront of some really exciting new technology.  

Before starting my current role, I was working as a Telecommunications Engineer. This shows that there are a wide range of options open to you after University, and it will likely take some time before you find the right job for you, so don’t be afraid to try different things!


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