Jade Lee-Rose

Current student

Subject area

After graduation, I hope to be accepted onto the NHS Scientific Training Programme (STP), where I hope to become a clinical scientist. The lab skills that I have acquired and practiced on my course have really prepared me for working in a clinical laboratory where I can help patients.

I chose Loughborough University because of its reputation with research, and how many academics are currently undertaking their own research in their field. I also loved the atmosphere of the University and really liked the number of open spaces around the campus, as well as great study spaces all over campus where you can go to work in silence or do collaborative group work.

The STEM Lab and labs in Clyde Williams Building have given me first-hand experience of how to work and behave in a laboratory setting. I found the lab skills really useful as it has given me an insight into the everyday laboratory work that takes places in both research and industry.

The academic support that I have received during my time at university has been great. In particular, my tutor has been there to assist with any queries or concerns that I have had through the years, as well as academic leaders making sure that we can ask them any questions about the course topics or even about future career prospects.

Jade Lee-Rose

Some of the highlights from my time at Loughborough have been through joining the E-sports society. Being part of the E-sports society has meant that I have met loads of people with the same interest as me and have played in numerous tournaments against other universities.

I would advise prospective students to look in detail at the range of modules that are on offer; a lot of modules are optional, which allows you tailor the course to your interests and choose what sort of path you would like to go down.

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