Jack Meredith

Subject area
Sport Sciences

Having graduated, I am currently working for Nike at their European headquarters in the Netherlands.

This would not have been possible without the opportunity to undertake a work place with Nike during my degree, or the holistic understanding of the sports industry gained through the wide-ranging module choice available on the Sport Management BSc.

The option of doing a 4-year sandwich course to include a year in industry was invaluable, not only for completing my final year of studying, but for helping me to find my feet quickly post university as I already had real world experience.

Jack Meredith

I chose Sport Management as I wanted to study a mix of sport and business, and I found the wide range of modules available at Loughborough particularly useful.

For example, law was never an area I thought I would be interested in but undertaking the sports law module formed the idea for my dissertation, which with the help of my tutor will soon be published in an academic journal.

Having the support of academics who have published their own research has benefitted me greatly, as I was able to ask them directly about their research, gaining greater insights and understanding into the areas covered on the course.

The advice I would give to someone considering studying a Sport Management degree at Loughborough is: do it! The course allows you to tailor what you want to do, from teaching and coaching to sports economics and governance, preparing you for many different career paths.

The placement year lets you test what you’ve learnt in year one and two, and apply it to real world scenarios. It is also invaluable experience for completing your final year as it can help shape the topic of your research project.

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