Isobel Parsons

Subject area
Sport Sciences

I always wanted to attend a university that could offer me high quality teaching and allow me to develop in my sport. Loughborough University offered both world-class sporting facilities along with top lecturers and doctors who are leaders in their field. I also wanted to be part of a campus university so that I could really experience university life.

Loughborough University is first in the world for sport for a reason. The facilities, from the lecture rooms and labs to the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, are incredible and very advanced. The teaching quality was amazing, too. Being taught by lecturers who were top in their areas with years of experience really helped me to engage. Their love and passion for the subject was obvious and their teaching was second-to-none.

Looking back on my course, I thoroughly enjoyed kinesiology in second year where we learnt about the muscles in our bodies and how they all work together. The labs were amazing - we were able to see the structures of muscles up close and draw on fellow students with a pen to bring the muscles to life!

My placement was incredible! I took a placement year working with the Great British Swimming team based in Bath. I spent a year working with the Olympic swimming team, following them around the world as they prepared for the Olympics.

Isobel Parsons

I was trained as the intern sport physiologist and worked with world class athletes, coaches, physiotherapists and sport scientists to prepare for international competitions. I was able to see the “behind the scenes” of an elite athlete’s life, put up altitude tents, learn about nutrition, run strength and conditioning sets and take blood lactates at the poolside. I even filmed world record breaking swims!

Being part of the journey to Rio 2016 has been an honour and - thanks to the help of the University - I got my foot in the door to hopefully work with Team GB in the future!

Without a shadow of a doubt. Being able to work and learn alongside world-class athletes, lecturers, doctors and staff, really inspired me to focus on my work and reach my goals. The University is still growing and inspiring people every day! Each year when I return something new and exciting is being built, or new courses are being offered. Loughborough University always seems to be one step ahead of other universities when it comes to sport and development.

The fact that Loughborough University remains the best in the world for my course and knowing that I learnt in an environment full of expertise and experience gives me great confidence for the future. To be able to say I studied Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University is an honour and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity.

Isobel working

Now that I have graduated, I hope to go back to elite sport and work as a sport physiologist or sport psychologist. I aim to work within the English Institute of Sport or British Swimming and continue the work I did on my placement. My degree will help support this - without my placement year, I would still be completely in the dark about what I wanted to do. Loughborough University has given me clear direction and a plan for my future career.

Isobel graduated from Loughborough University in 2019.

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