Isobel Deamer

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I chose to study Biological Sciences at Loughborough because of the state-of-the-art facilities, like STEMLab, that would be available to me. I knew that Loughborough would help to feed my curiosity and love of Biology and provide me with opportunities that no other Universities could offer me.

The vast connections that the University has, also helped me to decide to choose Loughborough. I am really keen to do a placement year and Loughborough puts a lot of emphasis on placements and really encourages them. This showed me that I would have a lot of support with my placement.

I have loved the practical aspects of my course, as I find that I learn best when I can practically apply the theoretical knowledge I have learnt in lectures. The anatomy and physiology labs particularly helped to cement my knowledge as we were able to learn using real-life skeletons and bones. This was something that I really valued when starting university.

Having lecturers who are currently publishing research in their specific area has also really helped in my degree, because it has meant that we have been able to keep up to date with current research relevant to our modules.

We have also had PhD students assisting in practical sessions, this has provided a different perspective on career opportunities and helped to provide insight into what potential research I may be interested in after University.

Isobel Deamer

Having the STEM lab has provided a brilliant opportunity to improve my Lab skills, which is a really important skill that employers look for. Also, the Clyde Williams Labs have helped to improve my understanding of basic human anatomy and physiology, as I have had access to skulls, vertebrae, and whole skeletons.

After my degree, I would love to work in a laboratory environment in research. The practical sessions on my course have helped me to develop my lab skills and given me the opportunity to go into a career like research.

My advice to anyone thinking of studying Biological Sciences is to look at the variety of modules available on the course, the practical sessions, and the facilities available. It is not every day that you get to nurture your laboratory skills in a state-of-the-art STEM lab. Also, make use of your lecturers. So many lecturers are really happy to help you, you just have to ask.

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