Isabelle Mitten

Current student

Subject area

When applying to university I was specifically looking for educational psychology degrees. This is a very new course with not many universities offering it.

I choose Loughborough instead of other universities as the course was accredited by the British Psychological Society. Loughborough also had a much bigger campus and better facilities than the other universities I looked at as well as being in the top 10 in the UK for psychology. 

One aspect of the course I have found particularly useful is the module on psychology of the early years. This focuses on how children develop psychologically. This focuses on how children develop psychologically. This module built on the teaching I had enjoyed at A level, making me feel comfortable with the material. My personal tutor has helped me a lot through my journey at university, providing me with guidance which has made me more confident in myself and my work

Isabelle Mitten

On graduation I would like to further my studies and complete a master’s in educational psychology, in the hopes to one day be an educational psychologist. Loughborough has helped me prepare for this by providing me with a range of modules such as learning to be a psychologist and research skills which will help me with my career in psychology.

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