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As a student at Loughborough University, your time will be filled with countless fun and wild opportunities.

From my first visit at Loughborough, the lecturers here have made me feel very welcome. You can really tell they are passionate about what they teach, which led me to choose Loughborough above other universities.

The lecturers here are wonderful people and are all experts in their fields, so make sure you use their guidance and ask questions as much as you can. I would encourage anyone to join the Loughborough family, as it really is a great place to be.

During my first year, having an academic personal tutor was a lifesaver. They were a fantastic point of contact, especially during the first semester when I was still navigating university life. The mental health team at Loughborough are wonderful too. They do everything they can to ensure that your needs are met. They have been able to put in place adjustments for me to ensure that I’m having the best university experience possible.

Inaayah Irshad

After graduating, I aspire to be a clinical psychologist. The opportunities available and breadth of study at Loughborough have certainly prepared me for this.

The range of modules on the Psychology BSc course allow you to explore a variety of different areas and the directions they may lead you on. I’ve particularly enjoyed the qualitative aspect of research skills and psychology of the early years modules.

Modules and module assignments always have the scope to be modern and fun. I was proud to have achieved a first in one of my group presentations for social psychology in semester one, in which we chose to present on the closing arguments of the Depp Vs. Heard trial. We looked into how communication was used effectively to help Depp win the case, which was a really fun and interesting piece of coursework.

I’m really looking forward to going on a placement year, to gain insight into Psychology in the working world. I know this experience will massively help me in realising exactly what it is that I’d like to do in the future. I’m hoping to secure a role helping individuals with mental illness.

Multiple aspects of the course such as group coursework, literature reviews, and lab report writing are all helping to build up essential skillsets, like working in a team and having to write client summaries, for when I work as a psychologist.

The facilities here at Loughborough are amazing and there are so many study spaces. Luckily the lectures usually take place in the same building which is really helpful on such a big campus!

Loughborough has so many opportunities for you to get involved in alongside your psychology degree. For example, I am currently the welfare and diversity student involvement officer (SIO) for the School of Sport, Exercise and Social Sciences at the University.

Within this role I've been able to oversee department events to ensure all students within our school feel included. I also run an Instagram account to keep current students informed about upcoming events and how to get involved.

I was also chosen to give a talk to the new freshers about university life, which was a really proud moment for me.

Outside of Psychology, I was also the AU Dodgeball chair. It was our first year competing in BUCS and we managed to have our men's team stay undefeated all season and they came out top of their league.

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