Emma Morgan

Current student

Subject area

The Psychology in Education Course allows students to understand theories and principles related to learning, why the current education system in the UK exists as it does, and ways in which it is working towards improvement.

The module leaders and personal tutors are always readily available and willing to give a helping hand whenever required. They ensure that they are approachable, and welcome students that may need some extra support, guidance, or assistance.

The Pilkington Library has also been an excellent tool, not only has it been a conducive and welcoming environment to do both independent and group work in, but the infinite resources that are available physically and online, allow me to research and learn at full capacity, regardless of my location.

For many years, I have had a growing interest in working with children and pursuing a career concerning education. Having read about the psychology in education course online and visiting the campus, it felt like it perfectly suited me and would help me achieve my career goals.

Emma Morgan

The University has provided me with many opportunities to work in a professional environment, allowing me to further understand and explore my possible future career prospects.

I am about to start a casual role as a Research Assistant in the University’s Centre for Early Mathematical Learning, working closely with researchers and Postgraduates at the University.

The skills that I have learnt on my course will be essential in this practical and professional environment. Being a second-year student, who is still unsure about the specific future career that I may take on, this will help give me a useful insight into the research field that I am interested in.

I have also truly loved having the opportunity to volunteer at the nursery on campus and to volunteer as a student facilitator for the organisation ‘Hashtag Me’. This allowed me to facilitate weekly group sessions to help students to focus on improving their mental health and to reflect and share experiences. 

Another important support team for me has been the Careers Network. They have helped me to network and make connections, as well as making me aware of many work and volunteering opportunities available and organising career-focused events such as the careers fair.

My advice for prospective students is just apply! You will not regret it. Loughborough has become a second home to me, and there is nowhere else I would rather be.

The staff and support team at the University are excellent and are committed to your goals and education. The Psychology in Education course has made me excited for the future and has given me certainty about the direction of my future career path. 

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