When I first considered which course I wanted to study at university, I was very keen to go into a science and maths-focused course, but I was not sure of what I wanted to specialise in at that point. I felt a Mechanical Engineering degree would give me a broad idea of all the options that are available and from there, I would be in a better position moving forward for my future. I was also very keen on sports and Loughborough being the best university in the world for sports drove me towards studying here even further.

The facilities within the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering have been spectacular and among the most advanced pieces of equipment and technology I have ever come across. They have been immensely beneficial in aiding my learning and been a great opportunity for me to put the theory we learn into practice.

The professors are incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and capable of teaching difficult concepts to me and I’ve had great support from lecturers and technicians in the Wolfson School and they have always been willing to help me with any queries I may have. I have even met with many outside of lecture times to work on my projects and they have always been extremely helpful. The careers network is also a great source of support, especially for my placement and graduate job search with the events and help they provide.

I am now in the final year of my studies and am in the process of applying for graduate jobs. After I graduate I hope to join a company in a role that I thoroughly enjoy, and to further my knowledge in my desired field of study. My degree at Loughborough has been great in providing me the expertise and skills to work in industry through the numerous labs and projects that we do as part of the course. These are all very industry-specific and simulate a real workplace scenario or project.

I have really enjoyed the variety of modules and the focus on the practical aspects of what we learn. This has been immensely important for me and at the same time, enabled me to enjoy while I learn. The opportunity to work in so many group projects that simulate industry-like scenarios and to meet with current employers at various companies and work with them on these projects has also been very exciting. In my first year, I had the chance to work with Denso on a group project and in my second year, I had a similar opportunity, this time working with JCB. Both were incredibly rewarding opportunities. It was extremely fun working with people who were in the same place as me only a few years ago, and it was great listening to and learning from their experiences.

To anyone considering this course, I would say to absolutely go for it. It is an incredibly exciting and challenging course and while it will require a lot of work and can get extremely difficult and hectic at times, the end result of a Mechanical Engineering degree from one of the most reputable universities in the UK is absolutely worth it!

Ebbin Binny

At Loughborough, there are many opportunities to gain experience in the real world, and apply what we have learnt in lectures. I completed a two-month summer internship back home in Dubai after my first year at McDermott, a highly reputable oil and gas company. It was my first real experience working in industry and I was in the Construction Support Engineering Department, where my role ranged from compiling databases on the various structures provided by the company, to preparing reports and stress calculations on these structures to judge their performance.

I also had the opportunity to undertake a year in industry after my second year. Obtaining a placement at Hawk-Eye was probably my greatest achievement of my time at university.

During my placement year, I worked as a Systems Operator in the Cricket Department; my role involved traveling around the world to countries such as the West Indies, India and Sri Lanka, where the games were being played and operating on the technology during the game to aid the umpires in decision-making. The technology we used was incredibly advanced and having grown up watching cricket and now getting the chance to work behind the scenes like this and understand everything that goes on there was the greatest experience of my life, and was a fantastic year for me personally and professionally.

I also had a short three-month stint at eduMates, a start-up company founded by a couple of my friends at university. The company provides a platform for prospective university students to speak to current students at universities across the UK to get a better idea of what to expect at their universities. I worked as part of the Business Development team where we aimed to recruit current students to be student representatives on the platform. So far, we have over 350 student representatives from around 70 UK universities and provide services to 300 prospective students and growing. This was a great experience, being able to work with my friends and do something that would be incredibly helpful to prospective students.

Loughborough is so well known for its sport, and even as an engineering student, there are so many opportunities to get involved. I am an avid sportsperson and in addition to spending my placement year at a sports technology company, I have also taken part in IMS sports like football and cricket and we even won the tournament in my first year. I have also joined a couple of societies like the Asian society where I was able to meet tons of people from all over the world and take part in numerous social and sporting events.

Ebbin graduated from Loughborough University in 2021 and secured a role with Hawk-Eye in the Cricket Department.

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