Chris Jagau

A strength of the economics course at Loughborough is its flexibility.

The wide range of options allows you to follow your interests as you progress through the course. It’s great to begin to see the links between theory learnt on different modules come together in third year.

Throughout my time at Loughborough I have been impressed by the approachability of all my lecturers.

I understood my placement year as a chance to dip my feet into something which I did not want to pursue after graduating but which interested me. Working in tax consultancy in Zurich, Switzerland for a year gave me this chance.

Chris Jagau

My placement year was incredibly informative. I learned a lot about myself and what I do want to do (and what I do not) and had an amazing year exploring the country.

I hope to embark on a career as an economist, potentially within the area of industrial economics. My undergraduate degree is the first stepping stone on this path and has allowed me to secure a place on an leading MSc course in economics.

The past three years at Loughborough have given me a basic understanding of the fundamentals of economic thought to build on. Being part of a society committee, getting involved in an AU sports club and serving as student representative for the course have all enriched my university experience and taught important skills outside the lecture theatre. 

The thing that I will treasure most about my time at Loughborough was the amount of time my lecturers were willing to spend outside lectures to give support and encourage me to explore independent trains of thought. The fact that people are studying so many different things in Loughborough always makes for interesting conversations and widens your exposure.

Chris graduated from Loughborough University in 2017.

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