Loughborough University really stood out to me as it had the best combination between a high-ranking course and a great social atmosphere, with lots of events and societies to get involved with. My course also offered the option to spend a year working in industry as well as a semester studying abroad.

Having lecturers who were able to apply course content to real life scenarios they had previously worked on made learning much easier, and the hands-on experience gained through lab work ensured the content was not only enjoyable but also clearer on many points. The facilities are available 24/7 with the capability to build, test or program projects, which I found especially beneficial.

I graduated in 2019 and I currently work for an orthopaedics manufacturer called Corin as a QA Quality Engineer (with Supplier Quality Support). My main responsibilities include reviewing and monitoring non-conformances, investigating product event reports from the field as well as administrating the company’s training system. I also provide assistance to the supplier quality engineering team and quality support for projects and teams across the company.

To anyone considering studying Mechanical Engineering, I would say it is a challenging degree, but the experience is great. The hands-on labs are particularly enjoyable and, if you are willing to put the work in, the whole experience can be extremely rewarding.

Charlotte Lock

My course provided me with a good engineering knowledge background, which is helpful when working with engineering drawings and manufacturing processes. Studying the module Healthcare Engineering provided me with an understanding of the hip implant system as well as an introduction into the regulations around medical devices, which are particularly relevant in my current role.

Additionally, I undertook a year in industry, which provided me with real working experience, and this also helped me determine what area I wanted to focus my career in (quality engineering).

Within a couple of months of starting in my graduate role, I played a key part in the roll-out of a new electronic training system and also assisted with an external audit from the FDA. I have since provided back-room support for other important external audits and have delivered training on key procedures to employees across the company, including all managers and directors.

I would recommend taking all of the opportunities available to you. The year in industry provides the best opportunity to gain valuable working experience, as well as discover what you really want to pursue in the future. Studying a semester abroad is another great way to increase your independence as well as experience another way of learning and possibly even another culture.

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