I chose to study at Loughborough University because I have always lived near Loughborough and knew from an early age of the success that the University boasted. Starting from school trips in secondary school, it was always clear that Loughborough University would be my first choice for my future studies.

During my first year at sixth form, as part of my A-Level Physics course, we were given the opportunity to visit the Large Hadron Collider in CERN. At the time, I thought that the built environment was enveloped in Architecture, which I had an interest in. Originally, this was my preferred route at University as I had knack for art/design and an interest in construction. However, seeing the Civil Engineering disciplines involved in making the 27-kilometer particle accelerator changed my perspective on what actually goes into the development of a large-scale project. From then, it was clear that Civil Engineering would allow me to pursue my ambition and interest in the built environment.

What I love most about my Civil Engineering course is that you are not constrained by one option. As I learnt early on, there are a multitude of professions that are involved, from Geotechnics, Structural Analysis and Design to Management and Teamwork-based modules. Having the opportunity to learn how each subject is applied, from a theoretical perspective, to then engaging in the field or labs, gives you an appreciation of what constitutes a Civil Engineer. Most importantly, it has enabled me to decide what areas of the discipline I enjoy whilst benefiting from learning the all-round profession.

Following the completion of my placement year, Multiplex sponsored my final two years of study at Loughborough University. This gave me reassurance for my career progression towards hopefully becoming a fully chartered Project Manager. This could be through projects in the UK or abroad, in contracting or consulting disciplines.

Ben Aldridge

The teaching at Loughborough University has always been designed with your career in mind, to give you the tools to use in the real world. The staff give you the opportunity to fully understand how the module is applied through breaking down the basics and promoting engagement from the students.

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This teaching style replicates a very methodical process from first to final year in all subjects. As a visual learner, this approach has always helped me understand the progression of a topic.

My favourite module on my Civil Engineering course was the Teamwork Design Project in my third year of studies. The module was the conceptual build of a real-life tendered high-rise and mixed-use development in Abu Dhabi. Based on an initial procurement document, the project constraints were largely down to group decisions, as would be the case in industry. This really tested my engineering knowledge, as it meant applying multiple topics within a single framework. This reflected what Civil Engineering is about, from the management of resources to the initial consultation with the client, through to the conceptual build. It gave me the chance to both design and manage the processes associated with a large-scale engineering project. The success of which was reflected in our group receiving the Sponsor (MEng) for the Teamwork Design Project.

I was given the opportunity to do a placement year where I worked for Multiplex Construction on a 278-metre skyscraper (22 Bishopsgate) in the City of London. As an Undergraduate Engineer, I worked alongside the Superstructure Team at the top of the building, with my role predominantly focused on the delivery of the concrete and steel packages. During this time as a Main Contractor, I provided quality assurance to the client, through process management of design drawings for concrete slabs/core/steelwork to the on-site enabling works conducted by the Sub-Contractor. My placement year concluded with the successful topping out of the steel and concrete, where I signed off the completion and handover of the Superstructure Packages.

Working with both the Client, Consultant and Sub-Contractor Teams, I was given invaluable experience through engaging with different engineering professions, learning the challenges associated with building a Mega-Structure. This gave me invaluable experience with an amazing team, who gave me both the opportunity to succeed and progress towards becoming a better engineer.

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The Civil Engineering course at Loughborough University is fantastic for anyone considering a career in engineering and construction. Most importantly, it is a multi-disciplinary subject, giving you knowledge that can be applied across a variety of platforms. If you are considering applying yourself to something practical and technically challenging, then Civil Engineering will give the fundamental tools for progressing in the construction industry.

When it comes to the social aspects, there is always opportunities to try different societies or sport groups, whether that be for leisure or in a competitive environment. Whilst experiencing student halls and taking advantage of the University facilities, such as Pilkington Library, Holywell Gym and Student Union, they will all enable you to make the most of your time at Loughborough University.

From the first year at Loughborough University until now, the experiences I have had over the last 5-years have shaped me into the person I am today. Whether that be through the long-lasting friendships, the course or even the placement year, it is all down to engaging enjoying my time at Loughborough University.


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