Bella Roebuck

Subject area
Sport Sciences

I am an international student from the U.S.

I chose to study at Loughborough University because of the vast range of educational and athletic opportunities it offered me.

As a student studying sports science and English, two very different subjects, I also continue to be impressed with how the university succeeds in fostering both of my passions equally and allows me to explore all of my interests.

In the short time since coming here I have found it easy to immerse myself in the University’s culture by joining the AU gymnastics team, volunteering with LSU action and cheering on my hall in IMS matches.

Bella Roebuck

I would encourage any student looking to study in the UK to not be daunted by the application process or afraid to ask for help. Even while living in America it was easy to contact Loughborough and receive help and encouragement from staff and administration. This kind of enthusiasm and commitment runs through every part of the school and is just one of the many reasons that Loughborough University has already made me feel at home.

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