Arwen Baikie

Current student

Subject area

I hope to pursue a career surrounding Educational Psychology, working alongside children either in a research or education context.

The volunteering I have been lucky enough to do at Loughborough has given me so many great opportunities to work with children ranging from the campus nursery to Ashmount SEN school.

I have developed so many of my skills through volunteering, including communication, creativity, and learning to think on my feet! I am very grateful for these skills which will be beneficial in whatever career path I follow.

Another opportunity I have had during my studies is to work as a Research and Innovation Assistant on a casual basis for the Centre for Early Mathematics Learning. This has been an amazing opportunity to get a taste for working in a dynamic research environment.

Arwen Baikie

I began my time at Loughborough as a straight Psychology student, but realised that there are so many great resources, opportunities, and experiences here that would enable me to focus on the area I am most interested in, Psychology in Education.

The chance to focus on my area of interest at Loughborough has really given me an insight into putting research into practice and helped fuel my passion for studying neurodiversity and development.

The practical application of research on my course, especially in an educational context really interests me, so connecting what we have learnt in lectures to real world situations during our tutorials and seminars will be very useful for placements and future roles.

I also really enjoyed the variety of coursework we received which enabled me to relate lecture topics to areas I was interested in, to gain a deeper insight.

The Psychology in Education Peer Assisted Learning sessions run by students, have been especially helpful as it is a great way to create further collaboration between students, especially being on a large course!

The Loughborough Campus is filled with great study spaces, including group study spaces which are great for collaborative work.

The NCSEM building also makes our course feel more like a community as there are always lecturers or other students there to help you out.

My advice to prospective students is that if this is an area you really have a passion for, don’t be afraid to specialise and join the Psychology in Education course!

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