Annabel Stenning

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I actually didn’t choose Loughborough as I missed the grades for my firm and insurance universities – but I’m so glad I did! When I rang up on A Level results day, I was offered a place through Clearing, so I arranged to come for a visit day immediately.

I loved it the minute I got here - so Loughborough chose me, really! What struck me most was the family atmosphere it had - everyone genuinely wants the best for each other here.

Throughout my studies I had a lot of support from various departments, mainly including careers advice and mock interviews when I was applying for placements in second year. I was really scared about going for interviews and the Careers Network really helped me to feel more confident.

For my placement year, I worked in an outpatient eating disorders clinic and an inpatient adolescent unit; I got to learn so much about working with clinical populations which is great as I want to work in healthcare.

Annabel Stenning

I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to complete a placement year as I gained so much from it - I wouldn’t have had the opportunity if I hadn’t come to Loughborough.

I want to work in healthcare, particularly in mental health, hopefully as an Assistant Psychologist. The course at Loughborough is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) which gives you the foundations needed to go on to train as a professional psychologist, which is great. My placement year will definitely help in terms of the experience employers are looking for, too.

On the whole, the social atmosphere was one of the best things about being at Loughborough – it was such an inclusive university, and everyone was friendly and genuinely so happy to be there. The Union has to be the social hub of campus and was brilliant both for nights out and other social events. Even though I wasn’t particularly sporty I loved being surrounded by it and the spirit that it brought – it gave Loughborough a very unique atmosphere! There really is something for everyone at Loughborough.

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Annabel graduated from Loughborough University in 2018.

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