Amariah Onasanya

Current student

Subject area

I knew I wanted to study at a university which could offer me both the fun university lifestyle and great academic teaching, and Loughborough ticked all my boxes.

I chose to study Psychology with a placement year, knowing that the experience of this course would give me a great insight into, and further develop my skills in the career area that I want to pursue.

I have always been interested in Psychology and the way the mind works. I am really enjoying the range of interesting module content throughout the course; it feels like I’m learning so much without ever having an overbearing workload.

The lecturers go into extreme detail, leaving no room for confusion, which has been very useful for understanding the content and assessments, as well as how to apply what I have learnt.

I’ve been really proud of my academic performance so far and I am learning to be confident in my own ability. I make the most out of attending drop-in sessions and emailing lecturers whenever I need academic support, it feels natural as the lecturers have proven to be always willing to help.

Amariah Onasanya

The highlight of my student experience has definitely been the people that I have met from joining different societies and the life experiences I have gained.

Outside of my studies, I am a member of the Afro-Caribbean Society, the Nigerian society, the Loughborough Gliding society and am the newly appointed Sport Secretary at The Holt. I also regularly play Badminton with a group of friends.

There’s so much to try out and get involved with, flying thousands of feet into the air with an aircraft with no engine has definitely been the most exhilarating experience I’ve had a go at!

I have also attended some Careers Network sessions which have given me tips that I wouldn’t have originally known for my CV and cover letter- I plan to implicate these skills when I start to apply for jobs and placements.

After graduating, I plan on getting a master’s degree in Psychology.

The postgraduate students I have talked with, whether in lectures or while participating in their studies, have given me a good insight into what I should expect postgraduate life to be like and I look forward to it.

My advice to future students is to take it easy. Take it one step at a time but at a good pace, there is an abundance of resources available to help you, and you should never feel scared to ask for help. Assistance is there for you to use as much as you would and the staff at Loughborough are always happy to point you in the right direction or explain things.

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