I read about the university online when looking at top engineering universities in the UK. I chose to study in Loughborough both because of its reputation. I came across several websites and alumni reviews, all of which talked about the academic excellence of the university. Also, I was pleased to see the amount of connections the university has with well-recognized industrial names. Furthermore, my mathematics teacher in my high school had also studied at Loughborough and she also said that the university provides wonderful engineering courses.

The application process was quite easy. All the requirements in terms of grades and documents were made perfectly clear. The university was also easy to communicate with and replied to all the questions I had very quickly and clearly.

Settling in was not as difficult as I thought it would be. This was because fresher’s week kept all the students busy. In addition, the courses started immediately after and all the lectures and tutorials kept me busy for most of daytime, which helped towards repressing the feeling of homesickness. There were a lot of opportunities and activities to get involved in. Other than the busy days due to the academic aspect, the societies and hall committees arranged a very wide variety of events so regardless of how busy or light your course was, there was always some kind of event going that you could keep yourself busy with.

Alireza Oveisi Rastabi

The best things about living and studying at Loughborough are: being part of a very large and friendly community; the wide range of facilities provided by the university; various types of teaching methods used, making it easier for students to learn and understand new topics; the amount of guidance and counselling available to students, whether it’s in terms of academics, fitness or even personal life.

There are several ways I spend my free time. This includes going out with friends, going for a jog or to the gym, going to the movies, gaming, and sometimes even creating random engineering designs in the computer labs!

Currently, I plan on continuing my education and getting a master’s degree either in Loughborough or somewhere else and maybe working at the same time.

Loughborough has prepared me for my future careers plan very well. This is because of the amount of group work and projects that my courses has involved. Studying engineering, I think it’s vital for a university to prepare an individual for real life situations and these situations usually require a person to be extremely well prepared in terms of problem solving, teamwork and communication, rather than just solely academics. I feel like the course Loughborough University provided puts invests greatly in developing these characteristics in its students.

I would recommend students to try and find the perfect balance between academics and social life that works best for them as soon as possible. I would also advise that they study hard from day one so that the work does not pile up. In addition, I would suggest they use all facilities and help provided by the university, as there a lot of useful and important resources available.

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