After taking part in a Headstart course during my A levels, I always knew that Loughborough was the place for me, but it was just finding the right degree. With the help of the admissions team in Wolfson, I found the perfect course for my skill set and interests and applied straight away.

The quality of teaching and facilities are second to none. I never wanted for anything during my time at Loughborough; there was always someone to help me and the facilities I needed to succeed. It’s the little things that you just don't have to worry about that make the big difference. Having access to the right software, or an appropriate study space, makes such a difference and my lecturers always went above and beyond to make sure I succeeded. 

I gained so many skills whilst studying at Loughborough, both academically and in sport. Academically and professionally Loughborough helped me prepare for the world of work in so many ways. I was able to build my confidence, develop the skills needed to be a productive team member and leader, as well as my organisational and analytical skills, which are truly as important as your technical knowledge. My sports involvement also had a big impact; I learnt to build a team to succeed and how to deal with failures in a constructive way.  

Having graduated from Loughborough with a first class, I am now on the Production Graduate Scheme at McLaren Racing, a role I would never have secured without Loughborough and the support I've received. In my role, I use my engineering knowledge and project management skills to support car builds ahead of races, particularly using the additional skills I gained from optional modules in my final two years.

Abigail Robison

The Product Design Engineering course at Loughborough helped me immeasurably. The compulsory modules gave me a firm baseline to develop from, as well as a rounded view and skill set that many other engineering degrees don't fully achieve. The optional modules let me specialise (away from design in this case), which means everyone on the course can graduate with their specialty and can go into such varied fields. It truly is the most rounded course the department offers.

It’s been a long path to get to this point. When I left school, I wanted study mechanical engineering and had a vague goal of Formula 1. Thanks to Loughborough and particularly the admissions team in Wolfson, I was made aware of a more appropriate course that gave me the tools to succeed. My placement year at Williams was invaluable in both teaching me what roles suited me, as well as those that didn’t, and my individual project let me hone a unique skill set that helped me stand out in the competitive field I had set my heart on. The varied modules on the course let me further develop a niche that suited the fast-paced environment of Formula 1. 

Loughborough has inspired me to never give up. I had a dream that I was long ago told would never be a reality. Just getting to the university was an achievement at the time, but to get through those 5 years and graduate with first class honours was a dream. One that wouldn't have been possible without the team that I had behind me; a team that you only get at a place like Loughborough!

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