​Open day FAQs​

​Naturally you’ll have lots of questions regarding our open day; whether you’re worried about parking, booking or the presentations, we’re confident you’ll find the answer to your question below.​

Do I need to book?

Yes, if you want to attend one of the open days at Loughborough University you will need to book. Alternatively, if you are a teacher wishing to bring a group of students you can email us directly at opendays@lboro.ac.uk

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How do I register at the event?

​Before the event you will receive a fast-track registration pass to help you register quickly and easily when you arrive on campus. You can either print out your registration email or download it onto you smartphone or tablet (make sure you download the pictures so the QR code shows!). There will be registration gazebos across campus and you can also register at any of the information desks in the main Open Day buildings. ​

Do I have to arrive at 9.00am and stay until 3.30pm?

You can arrive and leave whenever you like – presentations, talks and tours tend to run at multiple times throughout the day so if you miss the first session for some reason there are other opportunities to attend them later in the day. Likewise if you get to see everything and speak to everyone you want to before 3.30pm you can leave whenever you like.​

For a detailed schedule of when our talks, tours and presentations are taking place, make sure you download our open day guide. 

I want to amend my booking, what do I do?

If you want to amend your booking to come on a different date, cancel your booking or amend any other details such as the number of guests you want to bring or your subject interest just email us at opendays@lboro.ac.uk or call 01509222392.​

I have a disability – do I need to let you know?

We advise any visitors with a disability to inform us, as we may be able to provide you with special assistance e.g. reserve parking for you.

Please contact us on opendays@lboro.ac.uk

Can I attend more than one departmental talk?

Yes, however you will need to make sure that you have enough time on the day to attend more than one departmental talk. We recommend visitors to take a look at the open day guide and plan out their day of activities before they arrive. This will ensure you get to attend the talks and tours which interest you the most. ​

How long do the department talks last for?

Each department presentation will vary, to find out exactly how long the talk is expected to last for your particular department take a look at the open day guide.​

Will we get to meet any current students?

Yes, we make sure there are lots of current students to help on the day, so you can ask lots of questions about their experience so far. After all, there really is no one better to ask about the university than our current students.​

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, when you come to book you can bring up to 3 additional visitors with you. We encourage prospective students to bring at least one visitor with them. This is a big decision, so having someone else’s opinion on the matter might prove helpful. ​

Do you have to pre-book presentations and/or tours at the open days?

No. Presentations and tours at the open days are filled on a first-come first- served basis so you do not need to book before the event. For a small number of subject areas the departments ask you to collect tickets (particularly for tours when group sized is restricted) from their exhibition stand on the day of the open day itself.

Information on which subject areas this applies to can be found in the open day guide.

I’m interested in finding out more about Performance Sport at Loughborough are there presentations?

Yes! Colleagues from our Sports Development Centre will be available on all of the dates to talk to you about all the sporting opportunities available at Loughborough including our Performance teams.​ Take a look at what time our sport presentations are taking place. 

Are all subjects represented at your open days?

Yes, all of the subject areas available at Loughborough University are represented at the open day. The open day guide will provide further information.

Where can I find out more about what’s happening at the open days?

Information about everything that is happening at the open days can be found in the open day guide‌. It includes all the information you need about when and where presentations, talks and tours are happening across the day – and there is a planner on the back page to help you structure your visit!​

Should I have had some emails from you about the open days – I’ve not heard anything!

Yes! You should have had a booking confirmation and an email about getting here as well as your fast track registration pass. If you haven’t heard anything from us, check your junk or spam folder as sometimes emails can end up in there due to email filters. If you still can’t find anything from us you can email us at opendays@lboro.ac.uk or call on 01509222392 and we can look into it for you.​

What if I can’t attend an open day? Will I have another chance to visit?

Yes, there are a number of campus tours throughout term time which are due to start again in October. Plus, there are also UCAS visit days for offer holders later on in the year.

If you can’t make any of these events, then you are welcome to come on campus at any time for a self-guided tour, however if you did want to visit a department you would need to contact them beforehand.

How do I get to Loughborough University?

Loughborough University is easily accessible for cars, rail and air. Information on how to get here can be found on our travel information page.​

I’m using a SatNav which postcode should I use?

If you’re using a SatNav you can use the postcode LE11 3AJ to find us!​

Is parking available and which entrance should I use when I get to campus?

Parking is available on campus, but is limited particularly on the Friday. Please use the West entrance (LE11 3AJ )– this is the first University entrance you reach when travelling from the M1 and is the closest to the car parks used by open day visitors.

If our car parks reach capacity our Security and Parking team will direct you to park in Loughborough town centre where there are a number of car parks available. For more information on the car parks available in town you can visit the council’s website at www.charnwood.gov.uk/parking

I am travelling by train. How far away is the University from the train station and how do I get to and from the campus?

Loughborough train station is approximately 20 minutes away by bus and 10 minutes away by taxi. The Kinch Sprint bus service runs from the station through town to the campus and is free during the open days so you don’t have to pay to get here. There will also be a coach service shuttling between the train station and the campus which is also free. Our student helpers in purple t-shirts will be at the train station and will show you where to go. The Kinch Bus is free between 07.30am and 6.00pm each day.​

Can I get food and drink at the open day?

Yes, there are lots of places to eat and drink on campus. Take a look at our campus open day map to view the best places.

Alternatively, you could take a walk into town and have a spot of lunch there.

Is there anywhere I can stay overnight before or after the open days?

Yes! The Link and Burleigh Court hotels are either on site or very close by. Call the hotel’s reservation hotline on 01509 633033 to book where they are offering a special discount to open day guests. More details can be found here.​

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If you have any questions prior to attending the open day please contact opendays@lboro.ac.uk