Talks and sessions

Date: by agreement

The team can deliver a range of sessions to groups in local schools/colleges. This might be to class groups, the whole year group in assembly, or to parents and guardians during a careers event. Talks will be adapted to suit the audiences.

The team can also deliver the sessions online or send you a recorded talk to be used on demand.

Please contact us on to discuss your needs and agree a date.

GCSE options

A session to support students choosing their GCSE subject choices.

Demystifying HE

A session to help KS3 students understand more about Higher Education and their own options.

Student life

A session to help students understand what life might be like at university.

Discover me

This session is aimed at students in Year 8 to help them prepare for GCSE option choices and includes a competition they can enter to further help them engage in future choices.

The session can be delivered as an introductory session during tutor time, as a one-off lesson, or spread over multiple lessons. It specifically looks at supporting students in developing their research skills and how their choices can help them in reaching their desired career or further study.