Talks and sessions

Date: by agreement

The team can deliver a range of sessions to groups in identified schools and colleges. This might be to class groups, the whole year group in assembly, or to parents and guardians during a careers event. Talks are approximately 20 minutes in duration, but can be flexible around your schools' needs.

The team can also deliver the sessions online or send you a recorded talk to be used on demand.

Please email us to discuss your needs and agree a date.

Year 7 - What is Higher Education?

This session introduces students to what Higher Education is, the benefits of attending and how it differs from school. Students are encouraged to think about what they would enjoy about university and how it fits into their futures. 

Year 8 and 9 - GCSE Options Assembly 

This session discusses GCSE options and the importance that they have for later educations choices and career pathways. We share tips for selecting GCSE choices, to get students thinking about what is right for them. 

Before this sessions, students should be aware of what their GCSE options are and the school's process for selecting them. 

Year 9 - Demystifying HE

This interactive session provides students with an overview of HE by running through a quiz. Students will be confronted with statements about university and they need to decide whether or not they are true or false. Topics discussed include: students finance, moving away from home and entry requirements. 

Year 10 and 11 - Understanding Post-16 Options

This session recaps the post-16 options and provides ideas for what students can research. The majority of the session discusses the importance that post-16 options play when progressing onto future study and careers. We share guidance on how to understand HE entry requirements and provide and overview of contextual admissions. 

Before this session, students should be aware of what their post-16 options are and the school's process and deadlines for selecting these.