Loughborough Students' Union

The role of a Students' Union is to provide your children with the best possible time whilst at university! Here at Loughborough we encourage our students to participate in all the different activities, and finding the thing that they love doing the most! The Students' Union is ran by our own students, to ensure that student voices are heard and represented! We encourage leadership, creativity and want every student to not only graduate with a glowing graduation certificate, but also a whole selection of incredible memories and skills!

With over 170 clubs and societies to get involved in outside of their studies, they will be spoilt for choice. Students can also get involved in a variety of exciting fundraising opportunities with LSU Rag, who raise over £1 million every year for local, national and international charities. LSU Action volunteers can also get involved in a range of projects in the local and wider community, including as far afield as Mexico and Nepal. There are lots of other ways to get involved too, from working with LSU Media across radio, TV, or our student-led magazine, to joining our Welfare and Diversity section to promote positive health and wellbeing.

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