The focus of my research is the interaction between nutrition and epigenetic mechanisms during pregnancy in BAME women with sickle cell disease.

My research aim is to determine whether there is a relationship between dietary folate consumption and the severity of sickle cell disease in children born to mothers with sickle cell disease.

I hope that my research contributes to changes in healthcare practices in the future. The goal is to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of people with a sickle cell disease diagnosis.


I completed my undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences here at Loughborough University.

Having had a fantastic experience during my undergraduate degree, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to conduct postgraduate research here.

In my experience, there is plenty of opportunity for personal growth and skills development at Loughborough. I greatly appreciate that our academics are approachable and keen to discuss science!

My supervisors encourage that I am constantly developing my research skills. As a result, I have gained confidence in my abilities.

This confidence will help me to achieve my ambitions because I will be better equipped to network, lead others in a research group, and present my findings at conferences. 

I will be publishing my literature review in the coming months and hope to publish studies throughout the course of my research.

It will be fantastic to have publications to my name, particularly being the lead author. This will support my career development and hopefully lead to networking, funding, and future opportunities. 

As a part-time PhD student, I work as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant in Biosciences here at Loughborough University.

I hope to have the opportunity to conduct postdoctoral research in the same field as my PhD, and I would like to travel to communities with a high incidence of sickle cell disease to implement my research findings.

My advice to prospective students is to go for it! We are a warm and friendly community at Loughborough University, which encourages striving for our very best.

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