International student, Alumna

I was always interested in studying in the UK so Loughborough was one of my choices because it is ranked as one of the best universities in the UK. I think what really made me more interested is the course structure of Finance and Management, because it not only has some of the finance core modules but also some management modules, so I thought it might give me more exposure to not just the technical part but getting to know how the business world works.

It was also quite remarkable how the admissions office were really prompt with dealing with my application - they were very efficient in sorting out my application and doing all the paper work so all in all I think it really worked out.

Degree highlights

I think the highlight of my course would be the Marketing Management module. The reason being that I hadn't done marketing in my undergraduate degree so it was a new module for me. I really enjoyed it as the lecturers were quite interactive; we got to answer questions and learn about how the marketing environment is within an organisation, which gave me a whole lot of exposure to how the business world work.

I enjoyed doing the coursework which asked us to come up with our own marketing strategy to promote our brand, it was quite interesting as it gave us a chance to be more creative and not just do background research but create something of our own.

Enhancing my career prospects

I think doing a course in Finance and Management is definitely going to enhance my CV because I’m not just learning how to use the formulas in finance - that’s not what it is just about, you’re also learning about the concepts behind them.

When you are looking at the formula you are not just trying to apply it but you’re also learning in what scenario you can actually apply it and some of the concepts that go behind it. I think the course itself is a really a good thing for your CV and I am sure it is going to help you in many ways when you are starting your job.

The careers service Loughborough offers is remarkable because not only do they help writing up your CV, but also they hold a lot of workshops where they give you a lot of support in doing your aptitude tests - which is a very significant part of your job application process. You are learning a lot of things during your course of study and also Loughborough has one of the biggest careers fairs you can go to. I’ve been to one of them and I think it is very useful for students who are trying to get into jobs and also if someone is trying to look for placements, and there’s a whole range of companies who come here that sort of give you the opportunities to talk with them, network with them and sort of understand what the recruiters are trying to look for and what their requirements are.

Reasons to choose Loughborough

I would definitely recommend Loughborough to people who are planning to study a Master's and I’ve got four reasons for it.

Firstly, MSc Finance and Management has a very good core structure which combines both a financial perspective and management perspective, so it’s especially recommended for people who are planning to go for a finance job but are actually from a non-finance background. I definitely think this course will give them a good exposure to how they can enhance their financial capabilities.

Second of all, people who enjoy living on campus and who actually want to have the campus life experience should definitely come to Loughborough because, it’s beautiful! You have got all the greenery and everything and living in Loughborough so far has been great for me.

Thirdly, it’s not just being involved in studies, it offers a lot of sports activities so if you are really a sporty person then definitely come to Loughborough because you can get more involved in extracurricular activities or join societies or be a hall rep or a course rep.

Last of all it’s been a great experience for me and I’m sure it’s going to be great for you as well!

As far as Loughborough is concerned it offers a whole wide range of stuff you can sort of get involved in. You get a lot of opportunities to mingle with your friends and get involved with extracurricular activities. You can be a part of societies or go to events - I think the Union plays a very significant role in making students’ lives more enjoyable.

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