Tannaz Mirjalili

Alumna, International student

Subject area
Design Innovation

Tannaz was a recipient of the Chevening Scholarship, which is a fully-funded scholarship supported by the Commonwealth and FCDO.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough?

When I was researching different degree programmes, I became interested in pursuing Design Management and Service Design. I chose to study at Loughborough because of its unique course offering that teaches innovation in every aspect of business – from identifying problems to devising solutions and designing strategies. These strategies are applicable to a range of challenges, enabling a comprehensive approach to tackling issues. The engaging modules and comprehensive reading lists exposed us to real-world challenges faced by various industries and brands Additionally, the university's user-friendly website and their prompt responses to my emails and inquiries impressed me. I strongly believe that a university's ability to showcase their expertise in design through their social media, web presence, and services reflects their capacity to deliver a high-quality course.

How did you fund your studies?

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been chosen as a recipient of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship, which is a fully-funded scholarship supported by the Commonwealth and FCDO. Additionally, even before being selected for the Chevening Scholarship, Loughborough University kindly offered me a 20% reduction on my course fees, which was a great support.

What difference has the Chevening Scholarship made to you?

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been selected as a Chevening Scholar. The scholarship's full funding, supported by the Commonwealth and FCDO, has provided me with the opportunity to pursue my academic and career aspirations without financial worries. Additionally, having peace of mind about living expenses allowed me to indulge in my passion for learning in the UK. I attended various exhibitions, fairs, and explored places both in and outside of London, benefiting from ample time to study and experience the world beyond my room. 

Moreover, I had the privilege of not only being part of the Loughborough University community but also becoming a member of the close-knit Chevening Class of 2023. During challenging days and nights abroad, far from family and friends, having trustworthy companions is invaluable. Friends who motivate, uplift, and inspire with their dedication. This camaraderie is what you can expect from the Chevening Community. 

What has been the best part of your time at Loughborough so far?

While every moment at Loughborough has been rewarding, the practical approach to learning stands out. Applying our knowledge to real challenges faced by companies through collaborative projects has been both enriching and fulfilling. The unwavering support and expertise of our tutors and professors have truly made my academic journey remarkable.

What did you enjoy the most about your programme?

It's difficult for me to pick just one aspect, but I'll do my best to describe what I loved the most about my programme. Firstly, the modules and reading lists were incredibly fruitful as they exposed us to real-world problems faced by various industries and brands. The practical approach allowed us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and solutions in the design field.

Secondly, the expertise and kindness of our tutors and professors were truly remarkable. They were always supportive and willing to help us in every step of our academic journey. Lastly, the collaborative project was an invaluable experience. It not only taught us essential teamwork skills but also provided an opportunity to apply our knowledge to address real challenges faced by companies. Solving these issues with our strategies was incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.

Describe a day in the life of a postgraduate student

A typical day as a postgraduate student at Loughborough London Campus was dynamic and enriching. It all began with attending engaging lectures or workshops, where we delved into various design concepts and practical applications. Afterward, I often preferred staying on campus to continue working with my team members on the exciting design concept we were developing or conducting research in a quiet and comfortable corner. During breaks, I loved exploring the local shops and cafes around the campus and enjoying the serene Hackney Canalside.

How do you like to spend your time away from your studies?

During my time away from studies, I made it a point to attend different events and exhibitions happening throughout London. Not only were these experiences valuable for networking, but they also served as a source of inspiration that kept me motivated and fueled my creativity.

Any advice for those considering applying for a Chevening Scholarship/to Loughborough?

I highly recommend that other students consider applying for the Chevening Scholarship. It offers a prestigious opportunity to pursue academic and career goals without financial constraints, while also providing invaluable access to a global community of passionate and hardworking leaders.

Although the acceptance rate is around 2-3%, do not lose hope. There are stories of individuals attempting the application multiple times – more than six in some cases! If you're truly dedicated, go for it. The experience is undoubtedly worth it. For those contemplating Loughborough, I encourage exploring the university's diverse course offerings and engaging with the campus situated in one of London's finest locations. Seize the opportunities provided by the Future Space Team, as they continually push you beyond your limits, fostering academic and personal growth.

Apart from dedicating yourself to your studies, I highly recommend setting aside time to attend several events and exhibitions in and around London. This will help you connect with like-minded individuals, build valuable networks, gather fresh ideas, and uncover exciting opportunities. Remember, if you ever need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to the Welfare Team and your Tutors – they are always there to support you. Embrace these experiences, and your postgraduate journey will be truly rewarding.

Tannaz Mirjalili
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