I am certain that completing my doctoral research at Loughborough will help me achieve my future ambitions – firstly, due to the university’s excellent reputation for sport science research and education, and secondly, due to the vast range of training opportunities available throughout my studies.

Equipping me for the future

I hope to pursue an academic career and possibly combine research and lecturing with some applied work – either in the sport or health domain. I believe the knowledge and experiences I will gain during my time at Loughborough will equip me with a versatile skills-set and an excellent platform to embark on any career path I end up choosing.

I chose Loughborough University for my MSc because the programme fit my interests like no other that I came across. The fact that Loughborough is the world’s leading university in sport and exercise science certainly made my decision very easy. I decided to stay to undertake my PhD because of the vibrant and supportive research environment and the opportunity to work with my supervisors, all of whom are leading in the field that I am passionate about, which I find both exciting and a great privilege.

My project

The overarching aim of my PhD project is to improve the current rehabilitation strategies and enhance patient rehabilitation outcomes post anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture and reconstruction.

I hope to improve our understanding of neural mechanisms contributing to the persistent muscle weakness experienced by individuals post ACL reconstruction and to develop an improved, science-based rehabilitation protocol that would enhance strengthening of the knee muscles and ultimately reduce the risk of degenerative changes to the knee.

Having access to both clinical and academic expertise from the National Rehabilitation Centre* will be essential to the impact of this project, as it will allow collaborations with practitioners and access to facilities and equipment necessary to develop a rehabilitation protocol, which will not only be advantageous in theory but will also be feasible to implement in practice.

Why Loughborough?

If you are thinking of undertaking a PhD at Loughborough, particularly that in the field of sport and exercise science, I would simply say: Loughborough is THE place to be! Find or design a project you are passionate about and join one of the most vibrant, inclusive, and supportive research communities in the world.

My favourite things about studying at Loughborough are the:

  • all-round supportive environment – everyone here genuinely wants you to succeed and are happy to help you reach your goals.
  • invaluable opportunity to work with researchers at the forefront of their respective fields and to have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for cutting-edge research.
  • countless opportunities for professional and personal development, as well as the vibrant sports community and access to great sports facilities.
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