Sudarshan Bollapragada

Current student, International student

Loughborough has an exceptional laboratory facility with automation, and the scope of the research in the biomedical sciences field is magnificent and what attracted me to the course. I know I will be pushed here to pursue my ambitions as a research scientist in esteemed institutions.

Why I chose to study Biomedical Engineering MSc at Loughborough

The main thing that attracted me to the Biomedical Engineering course at Loughborough is the extensive scope of research in the field and the exceptional laboratory facilities. By studying for my postgraduate degree here, I know I will have the facilities and materials to equip me for my career as a research scientist in major multinational cooperations like GE Healthcare, GSK, P&G and more.

Being an international student

Coming from India, I found the major transition for me was the weather! At first, it felt extremely cold as I'm used to much warmer weather and I knew it was something I would need to get used to.

However, the atmosphere and help from the staff at Loughborough meant I soon made friends and began to feel more like myself, becoming more confident and happy with my surroundings. The University put on events like induction week and team projects that allowed me to interact with other students from my country and hang out with them as well as take part with them in the induction events.

I think it's important to remember that moving to a new country can often come with mixed feelings, to begin with as you may experience culture shock and have to get used to your new environment but there is support in place for international students here to ensure you settle in quickly and enjoy your time.

Sudarshan Bollapragada

The teaching at Loughborough

I love research and found that the teaching here is application driven and encourages working in teams, which is beneficial for preparing us for industry. Working in teams with my peers has helped me diversify my thoughts and enhance my knowledge in research areas.

Whilst studying here, I've been taught about the biologics field and its concern for environmental sustainability which has inspired me to aim for a sustainable future.

Sudarshan working in a lab wearing goggles with a glass screen

My research project

I am currently conducting research on the simulation of dermal fibroblasts in stirred tank reactors. The purpose of my research is to develop the process and analyse the feasible parameters for the growth of human skin cells on a large scale using stir tank reactors.

The main benefit of my research is the production of artificial organs. Generally, stem cells are used in the production of artificial organs but it needs to have a stem cell bank where the growth of this can be complicated. Therefore my research can help produce cells from a skin cell sample which can then be used further, for example, in skin transplants or plastic surgery.

My greatest achievements

My greatest achievement at Loughborough is becoming an academic representative. In this role, I act as a bridge between the students in the course and the faculty. I help them in communicating their views and issues regarding the course to the concerned authorities. Being an academic representative has allowed me to develop my transferrable skills like communication, working in a team and giving presentations. It's great that I can be the voice of my peers and make an impact in the School.

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