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Computer Science

If you're considering doing a master's, you need to study something that you really love to do. Then just insist on doing it.

Before joining Loughborough, I studied in China as an undergraduate student. I chose to move to Loughborough because I really loved the look of life in a small town, which is quite peaceful. I was studying hardware when I was an undergraduate student, but I wanted to learn more programming skills. Another thing is that I found I am quite interested in artificial intelligence (after seeing the TV series WestWorld). When I was an undergraduate student, I needed to focus on the “scope” of my studies. For example, to learn about computer science, I needed to learn the knowledge of hardware devices, software programming, controlling, circuitry, networks, etc. However, when I became a postgraduate student, I had to find a certain “direction”, like AI, or network security.

On my programme I enjoy the lab the most. The School of Computer Science provides really nice devices and computers to support our studies.


On a normal day of study, I will have lectures in the morning. In the afternoon, I will do the practical part, like labs. In the evenings, I will do some sports, like swimming or running (you know, Loughborough has really good facilities).

Sometimes, I will do some job hunting through the Loughborough University Careers Network. My daily life is simple! In addition, I stay busy outside my course. I really love swimming. Sometimes I will do some volunteer work or other Students' Union activities. Furthermore, I love travelling; I will go to other European countries during the holidays (when the tickets are cheap).

In five years’ time I would like to find a job in an internet company, such as doing IT consulting, because I love communicating with customers. Maybe I will try to find an internship in London initially.

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