I chose to study at Loughborough because of the opportunity to learn from, and work with, experts in Strength and Conditioning both from both an academic and practical setting. This expertise has given me the best opportunity to progress in the field and learn as much as possible.

I have found the access to facilities a particularly useful element of the course at Loughborough. The environment of like-minded students to work with, as well as practical sessions were really useful to put my learning into practice.

It was great to have access to the Powerbase gym, as we could regularly practice our skills, as well as using the pitches and sports halls to practice speed work and coaching, which was really beneficial.

I completed a placement at Loughborough with the Men’s Hockey performance team. It was great to be part of a multi-disciplinary team and see the day-to-day running of an elite sport team. I found learning from the Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach really beneficial, and this helped me to push on in my career. It was great opportunity to apply everything I had learned in lectures to a real-life setting.

Rebecca M

I completed my degree in September 2021 and got a job at Warwickshire County Cricket Club in November 2021 as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, which is where I have been since.

Both my course and placement experience were integral in helping me to get this job. They provided me with the knowledge to apply to my role, but also the confidence in my practical coaching experience to take forward and succeed here.

During my studies, academics were always available to contact about assignments, work or anything else we needed support with.

It was really beneficial to have academics who had also worked in practical settings with a varied real-world experience. The course was also aligned to the UKSCA accreditation process due to the academics we had, which was a real positive for me.

My advice to prospective students is to use everything around you to your advantage – academics, facilities, fellow students. Make the most of all the opportunities that come your way and put as much into them as you can.

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