Parthvi Patel

Current student, International student

One thing that I found moving to the UK and studying at Loughborough is the differences in education styles. Coming from a country that holds a strict and traditional education system, I have really liked the independence that studying at Loughborough has given me.

Why I chose to study Biomedical Engineering MSc at Loughborough

When I was researching Universities to study my postgraduate at, I found Loughborough was ranked in the top 10 in most of the league tables which appealed to me because studying at such a University will give a large scope and rewarding environment to build a career.

My main piece of advice to other international students is to get ready for bigger and better opportunities, you may face several difficulties but it is worth it.

Parthvi Patel

The facilities and community at Loughborough

The facilities here are good and the staff are full of enthusiasm, I even feel that the technologies are as well developed and advanced as much as those in industry.

Teaching and support

My project supervisor has been able to assist me with any queries about my project or any other modules. All my lecturers have been approachable and respond almost instantly to any questions I have emailed them with.

Female student working in lab

My research project

Currently, I am working on biopharmaceutical crystallisation with nano templets, I find this area very fascinating. The main aim of my research is to overcome the current biopharma industry challenges related to crystallisation and also to observe the nucleation time and supersaturation behaviour of crystals with different chemicals. I am working two or three days in the crystallisation lab so once I am ready to collect the results, I may find that I am also working with other chemicals such as protein.

The main benefit my research will bring to the industry is improving the large-scale, bulk production of drugs, making it more cost-effective.

My greatest achievements and future plans

At the moment I am going with the flow and concentrating on my research project, however, I know that graduating with a Bioengineering degree from Loughborough will provide me with a range of jobs in many industries including the health sector.

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