Current student, International student

I chose to study Advanced Chemical Engineering because even as a child I have always been passionate about the subject and wanted to explore more in the field. The modules provided a good insight into the work going on in industry and the new technologies that are used. There are a lot of application-based modules which help you develop various skills such as product analysis and optimisation. They are practical sessions where I can put theory into practice, for example, I gained experience in handling reactors that produce bulk quantity which will advantage me in the world of word.

My development and support

Studying at Loughborough has taught me the importance of time management which is very important for the overall development of every individual. The teaching quality is great with a wide variety of technologies to use, such as Igloo, an interactive learning facility that uses software to create simulations of real-life engineering scenarios. The professors are always there to help me out, not only with problems related to my studies but also with any other problem I have faced in my personal life. They’ve been very supportive from the day I arrived, ensuring that I was settled and ready to make the most out of my course.

The Advanced Chemical Engineering course has given me a good idea about the technical and managerial skills required in industry and I am looking forward to starting my career in the research and development team within the Chemical Engineering industry.

Being an international student

Coming from India, the transition to Loughborough has been pleasant. Loughborough is a much quieter place than where I come from which I found enjoyable and more peaceful. I’ve also found the people around me to be very friendly and helpful and made Loughborough feel like a home away from home.

My achievements

During my time at Loughborough, I have worked on various projects. For example, I’ve been working on the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to fuel where I managed to increase the stability of the catalyst being used by 80%. Since we are facing major consequences of increasing carbon dioxide levels in the environment, the work I’ve completed on this project will advance the industry and help society combat this.

My greatest achievement at Loughborough has been developing my chemical analytical skills which are very important in the present chemical world. I’ve also gained in-depth knowledge about the technologies implemented in the biochemical industries.

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