Nishil Ashoccumar

Current student

Loughborough University provides learning opportunities across a wide range of interests in the built environment, as well as a diversity of teaching styles. The Architecture MArch programme at the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering has inspired me to become passionate about every aspect of architecture, allowing me to thrive by helping me develop my own individual ideas.

Preparing for a career

The modules and projects on this programme have led me to become a critical thinker and turn my research skills and proposals into a portfolio with high design standards. I have been able to get more experience in handling multiple projects at the same time and participating in various architectural competitions during my first year, such as ‘Love Architecture’ and ‘Re-imagine the Artefact’, in which I was ranked in the top 10.

The degree prepares us for successful careers as architects, allowing us to learn how to interact in a team and develop projects with great results using everyone’s individual skillsets. I really value an education that alongside theory and practical application also promotes discussions and debates, exposing me to new ideas and opposing opinions. This has showed me that Loughborough is a top institution for Architecture, and it has truly prepared me for the workplace.

Learning from experts

I have been able to work directly with various staff members, allowing me to demonstrate my dedication to the subject and learn more from professionals in the field. The programme has an incredibly well-structured study curriculum, always challenging me to put my knowledge to the test in a creative way and urging me to be more daring in my architectural design approaches.

The School frequently gets involved to provide support in everything they can. They often share what they have learned from our feedback and how they can confidently support us in our studies and future endeavours. Our accomplishments are always celebrated, which encourages us to bring more unique ideas, creative methods and innovations to the classroom.

Advice for prospective students

I would encourage anyone considering the MArch Architecture programme at Loughborough to join. It is extremely exciting working with inspiring tutors, getting hands-on experience during workshops, using the dedicated studio space and fabrication resources as well as highly advanced computer resources. I truly believe that a master’s degree in Architecture at Loughborough will help anyone secure a successful career.

Nishil Ashoccumar
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