I’d always enjoyed maths from a young age. I loved the fact that maths was everywhere, meaning it allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the world around me and a career in maths could be in almost any industry.

I studied Mathematics for my undergraduate studies before I came to Loughborough and was able to tailor my studies in the final year based on my interests. During this time, I studied Computational Modelling and Advanced Fluid Dynamics and this drew me into the world of mathematical modelling. Having only had a taste of the subject, I wanted to take my studies further and gain a deeper understanding of mathematical modelling and its applications.

One of the best things about my course was the small class sizes. This meant having better relationships with the course leaders and I think it led to me having a better grasp of the material. It also meant I felt really supported, especially with each module following a similar learning structure and having weekly tutorials where we were encouraged to solve problems in class and could ask for help as we had questions.


The industrial placement for me was the best thing about this course, because it gave all the build-up and learning purpose into a real-life application and made this course more than just a degree.

It was amazing to have the opportunity to step into the world of work and gain experience working on real projects with real engineers and mathematicians. Seeing the summer project with RWE Renewables I had worked on materialise into something real was incredible and such a huge achievement. Being able to tell future employers of the variety of projects I’ve worked on and the experience I gained over the course of my master’s year has definitely been beneficial to my future career.

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