Mary Manisha Mano-Sajjan

International student, Alumna

I chose to study Construction Management MSc at Loughborough University because it is the longest-established construction master's programme in the UK. I was also really impressed with the quality of research facilities, experienced academic staff and well-structured modules. The University visited my home country, India, on numerous occasions, which helped me clarify any apprehensions. The support I was given during my application process reinforced me that I had made the right choice.

Throughout my professional experience in India, I saw the necessity for a digital and sustainable construction revolution. Utilising digital technology allows us to bring back sustainability in the built environment. The rich heritage of the Construction Management MSc at Loughborough concentrates on sustainability and digitization as well as management and technical knowledge. I aim to become a leader in the industry one day and I want to encourage other women to do the same.

Loughborough University is recognised by the British Council, which helped me secure the British Council India-UK Scholarship, which covered my tuition costs. The support extended by the University representatives helped me with the application process, which was massively helpful in securing the scholarship.

Mary Manisha Mano-Sajjan

The pick-up service from Heathrow Airport provided by the University was really helpful. It allowed me to meet and socialise with several other international students. The international welcome party helped me get familiar with the new environment and made the transition to a new country much easier. The various sports activities and society fairs helped me browse the opportunities available. For example, I was the SIO for Action for the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering.

The modules on this programme are well-balanced, providing both theoretical understanding and practical applications of the principles learned, with a variety of optional modules available to steer your career path in the desired direction. The programme is taught by renowned professors, academics and industry experts, providing a complete picture of the construction industry. The ReVIEW Lecture Capture has also immensely helped me, especially during the lockdown period, allowing me to catch up on lectures online.

We also had a visit to the Hollowford Centre, which was very memorable. We learnt a lot about putting theory into practice and made beautiful bonds between peers and colleagues.

Apart from having an excellent library, Loughborough's postgraduates are blessed with 'The Graduate Hub'. This postgraduate-only cosy hub was our go-to place for doing coursework and revising for exams.

I have been working on modelling maturity levels in the supply chain in India and comparing them on a global platform. The experienced academics in the School and my supervisor have guided me to produce high-quality research.

Loughborough University has inspired me to break free from my barriers. For example, I got to go to the Women in Engineering Society (WES) Student Conference in Warwick, which inspired me as a woman in the industry. I also represented Loughborough at the AEC Global Integrated Design Delivery Workshop at Stanford University, which was incredibly rewarding. I participated as a Construction Manager in a globally diverse, multi-disciplinary team while virtually designing a resilient and sustainable construction project, which won the Annual Sustainability Challenge Award for the most resilient building.

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