Alumnus, International student

The decision to come to Loughborough University was a straightforward one. My decision was made because of the courses on offer, the strong reputation for academic excellence, recommendation from friends and the fantastic student satisfaction experience. I also consulted the various university rating websites and Loughborough was in a much better position compared to the other offers I received.

Degree highlights

What I enjoyed the most about my programme is the fact that it was designed to offer a unique learning experience that is relevant to my chosen career aspirations. The size and diverse make-up of the group offered a wealth of knowledge that enhanced my understanding and ability to work with a diverse group of intelligent individuals from different countries, offering an important experience that could be transferred to the workplace. The size of the class also enabled the lecturers to provide a personalised assistance for students.

From undergraduate to postgraduate

The transition from an undergraduate student to a postgraduate student could be daunting to some people. This is because postgraduate students are expected to demonstrate a good understanding of the theoretical aspect of the programme, there is also a greater emphasis on self-directed study and the programme is designed to incorporate practical elements that you may encounter in the workplace. You literally begin to specialise in your field of study. Whereas, undergraduate study is usually based on a broader perspective – you are taught a bit of everything relating to your chosen subject.

Striking a balance

A day in the life of a postgraduate student does not only involves academic activities. There is time to socialise with your friends, take part in sporting activities if you are that inclined. But time management is very important because postgraduate programmes are intensive and there is a huge demand to complete coursework.

As a family man and a mature student, I prefer to spend every spare time I have with my family and friends. There are times when we do organise a day or an evening out as a course to socialise and share ideas and get to know a lot more about each other.

Changing direction 

I served in the British Army for nearly eleven years with experiences from combat readiness to personnel management. However, I spent my final three years in the army working in Welfare and that was where I developed the passion for HRM. However, as you can tell, the military is hardly a spawning ground for an aspiring Human Resource Manager, hence my audacious but reflective decision to complete an undergraduate study and subsequently pursue an MSc in Employment Relation and HRM towards a long-term career in Human Resource Management.

My son is already planning on gaining admission here because his love for sports and the best university in the world to develop his talent is Loughborough University.

*Formerly known as MSc Employment Relations and Human Resource Management. 

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