Alumna, International student

Following the completion of my MSc in Applied Sport Performance Analysis, I am currently working as a football performance and data collection analyst for a company that is contracted with the Football Association and the Premier League.

I chose to study the Applied Sport Performance Analysis MSc at Loughborough because I thoroughly enjoyed completing a BSc in Sport Science, Coaching, and Physical Education at the University.

Being a big football fan, performance analysis was a no-brainer for me, and I was extremely excited to continue my learning journey at Loughborough.

The extensive experience of my lecturers in the performance analysis industry played a crucial role in preparing me for real-world work. Learning from their expertise was immensely beneficial. The guest sessions and masterclasses not only provided opportunities to learn from experts but also helped me build valuable professional connections.


My journey into analysis during my undergraduate study, when I volunteered as performance analyst for Loughborough University’s performance squash programme with the Coach and Volunteer Academy on campus.

This hands-on experience proved invaluable and played a crucial role in securing my placement for the MSc course at Peterborough United Football as an Academy Performance Analysis Intern. 

At Peterborough United, I worked predominantly the professional development phase squads (U21s and U18s). Working in a real-world setting provided an excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I had acquired at Loughborough. 

The placement was an exciting opportunity to get into professional football. The feedback from coaches and senior analysts allowed me to reflect on my learning outcomes and propelled my professional development to new heights.

Experience plays a huge role in the placement application process and the industry is very robust, competitive, and fast-growing, so lots of experience is very beneficial. My advice to prospective students is to gain as much experience in performance analysis as possible.

The degree's highly practical focus not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also underscores the crucial skill of maintaining an organised workflow in situations where resources are limited, and time constraints are high.

This aspect of the curriculum has been particularly beneficial, offering a realistic preparation for the professional landscape. The recognition of the challenges posed by constrained resources and tight timelines has equipped me with a valuable skillset that directly aligns with what employers highly value in potential recruits.

The ability to navigate and excel in demanding, real-world scenarios has become a standout attribute, enhancing my readiness for the competitive and dynamic field of performance analysis.

Academic support was continuous throughout my studies, with academics providing me with the opportunity to gauge my progress against industry standards, offering a clear target for my advancement. We also had quite a few guest sessions delivered by industry experts and recent graduates, and they gave us insightful details and advice on career pathway and professional development. 

The facilities available during my course have been invaluable, for example having access to the most advanced industry-standard hardware and software for our learning and professional development, gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies.

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