Current student

I am currently engaged in the development of a technology aimed at encapsulating active yeast cells within a protective layer to make them more heat resistant. The ultimate goal is to incorporate these encapsulated yeast cells into animal feed, thereby contributing to the improvement of farm health and growth performance.

My ongoing research is in the process of being published in two papers, a significant step that I believe will enhance the overall quality of my PhD work, making me a more credible scientist in the eyes of hiring managers.

I aspire for this research to play a pivotal role in advancing technology, allowing for the incorporation of active probiotics and heat-sensitive vitamins into food products.

Can you provide some background on your professional journey?

Before starting my PhD journey, I worked as a Freshwater Operative for The Scottish Salmon Company at Applecross for over 2 years. Subsequently, I served as a Research Assistant for 18 months at INVE Aquaculture, a biotech company in Belgium focused on aquaculture.

What influenced your decision to choose Loughborough University?

Following the conclusion of my role at INVE during the lockdown, I wanted a secure job that could significantly enhance my career prospects. The advertised PhD opportunity aligned closely with industrial research, which greatly appealed to me.


How is your PhD currently funded?

My PhD is fully funded by Loughborough University and AB Vista, a company specialising in the production of animal feed additives.

What are your aspirations for the future?

Looking ahead, I aim to secure a fulfilling and meaningful position in either the biotech or agritech industries, alongside the goal of purchasing a house. The completion of my PhD will undoubtedly broaden my job prospects in both academia and industrial research and development.

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