Jana Manoharan-Kuppuswamy

International student, Current student

I chose to study Construction Project Management at Loughborough University because it allows me to gain the greatest number of professional accreditations in the field. The combination of award-winning staff, flexible curriculum and hands-on learning make Loughborough the ideal destination for master’s studies. The extensive ties that the University has with industry partners nationally and internationally will also allow me to acquire practical experience to understand the ever-changing demands of this dynamic industry.

Mental health and career guidance

Loughborough is a very diverse university with students and staff joining from across the world. This has made my transition to the UK from India very easy. I’ve had lots of support from the University ranging from mental health help and career guidance

There are dedicated mental health officers at the University who can be consulted whenever needed. The University also hosts a 12-week group mental health programme every semester called #ME, which is a great initiative.

I have made use of the Careers Network, who gave me advice about creating my CV and doing my best at job interviews. There’s even an alumni LinkedIn group for the Construction Project Management master’s programme, which has helped me gain traction in my job search upon graduation.

Supportive teaching experience

Modules are taught through seminars, lectures, tutorials and lab sessions, all of which are recorded to give students the flexibility to go over the content at our own pace. As someone who struggles with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), this has been incredibly helpful for me. Most of the teaching staff at Loughborough University come from well-established, professional backgrounds and demonstrate excellent knowledge in the modules taught. They are incredibly approachable, which makes it possible to contact them whenever a doubt arises. The laboratories are equipped with the latest software required in the field, which students can use at any time to do coursework.

Making an impact

My research dissertation looks at the impact of Covid-19 on construction workers’ mental health. As part of this, I am conducting a comparative analysis of the struggles faced during the pandemic across India and the UK, and the lessons we could learn to minimise any future challenges within the industry.

I aim to launch a construction firm in India to provide all services required to build my clients’ dream structures. Loughborough’s Enterprise Network has been a brilliant help to reach my career goal. I have attended their workshops, which have inspired me to formulate my business ideas in a strategic way.

Advice for prospective students

I would recommend the Construction Project Management MSc at Loughborough to anyone. The modules on the programme closely reflect current requirements in the practical field. This makes Loughborough graduates highly employable. For someone who has stepped out of their comfort zone for the first time to move to another country, the experience has been fantastic, and I would consider it my greatest achievement.

Jana Manoharan-Kuppuswamy
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