Freddy Rangira-Gahaya

Alumna, International student

Subject area
Design Innovation

Freddy was a recipient of the Chevening Scholarship, which is a fully-funded scholarship supported by the Commonwealth and FCDO.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough?

When I was looking for relevant courses, I was intrigued by the Global Communication and Social Change MA programme (now titled Communication, Media and Development MA). It was the combination I was looking for to take my career to the next level. The modules were designed in a very compelling manner, helping students to see how communication is paramount to driving sustainable change. I was also moved by both the fact that the lecturers were well recognised in the field of communication and development and contributed a lot in the academic research in the field. 

What difference has the Chevening Scholarship made to you?

It is hardly possible for someone like me from a humble background to afford higher education in the UK. The Chevening Scholarship made it possible for me to further my studies at one of the best universities in the UK, where I had an opportunity to network with a multicultural community of students, and I believe it is a huge boost for my professional development.

What has been the best part of your time at Loughborough so far?

The Collaborative Project was the highlight of my experience at Loughborough University London. The whole process allowed me to develop the necessary skills to thrive in a diverse team, and the opportunity to present our work to a wide audience (a key feature of some of my modules) which improved my confidence.  

My dissertation has also been quite a learning journey - the support and motivation from my supervisor is the best you could get.  

Any advice for those considering applying for a Chevening Scholarship/to Loughborough?

The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship - if you want to apply, you need to know that the process will be rigorous but rewarding. Throughout the application process, seek support from the alumni community around you, and sharpen your essay writing skills - the Chevening application essay plays a crucial role in your selection, and it will be great training for what lies ahead once you are awarded the scholarship.  

As for Loughborough University London, it is the best place you can be. From the futuristic design and infrastructure to top notch lecturers who are also leaders in their domains, you will not find a better uni. 

Freddy Rangira-Gahaya
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