Courtney-Gifty Hagan

Current student

Graduating from the undergraduate BArch Architecture course at Loughborough provided me with the confidence needed to further trust the lecturers and the School with my postgraduate studies and development.

‌Excellent facilities

The teaching quality at Loughborough is great, continuously improving over the years. I appreciate the access to workshop and study spaces on campus. Doing block-release weeks at the London campus for the first year of the MArch has been an excellent opportunity to connect with other postgraduate students here, as well as the staff from the enterprise space. The London campus is a small but lively bubble, and the shops and restaurants near the campus provide you with moments to engage with the wider community.

New technologies

Engaging with different technologies has been a great alternative to standard learning methods. The use of virtual reality tools to design and visualise 3D concepts has motivated me to further understand how humans truly engage with spaces.

The School has been supportive of my design process and thinking. I have the freedom, with guidance, to set my own parameters and trial different methods/tools of representation, as well conduct my own research topic. I have always appreciated the theoretical part of the course, as it provides the opportunity to apply meaning and purpose to a design. The transdisciplinary module has been my favourite module this year as it encouraged me to investigate my research topic from a holistic perspective, considering the various stakeholders involved in the fruition of an idea outside of its design.

Appreciating your interests

I would advise prospective students to not be afraid of trying new things, even if they fail at them the first time. I also recommend prospective students to incorporate their interests into the programme as this can make your experience more enjoyable. One of my major interests is art, and I have loved the different ways in which I have been able to incorporate it into my projects this year, from surreal character drawings to producing films. It has helped me grow and become more confident in my skills and ability.

Female student sat at an architectural studio, drawing sketches.

Courtney-Gifty Hagan
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