Before starting my master’s, I was at Loughborough completing my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. I chose Loughborough University due to its excellent ties and reputation with industry, specifically in the field of Engineering.

To fund my studies, I am sponsored by the company where I did my year in industry (TOTAL SA), who offered me a graduate position at the end of my studies.

I enjoyed the challenge of the modules taught this year, along with the greater emphasis on process operations compared to theory in the undergraduate modules. I found undertaking research to be both enjoyable and interesting, adding a different perspective to my studies in Chemical Engineering. There is a greater amount of responsibility and trust given to postgraduates, specifically due to each student conducting individual research alongside PhD students.

As a postgraduate student, life differs between semesters. Semester 1 contains a larger number of modules, which are more specific to coursework. Semester 2 is very different as it focuses mainly on the MSc research project. In time away from my studies, I have competed in a number of triathlons and long-distance events, so my spare time is sufficiently filled training for them!

I decided to undertake a postgraduate master’s degree in Chemical Engineering to satisfy the requirements for chartership by the IChemE. In five years’ time, I hope to be a chartered Chemical Engineer. For future students considering masters’ study, I would say put 100% into doing as well as possible in every year of your studies, rather than the final years. This takes off a significant amount of pressure at the end, especially if you're just below a certain grade boundary.

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