Current student

As well as enhancing my academic knowledge and skills, Loughborough has enabled me to meet new people and face new challenges, thus stimulating me in working and finding solutions.

Loughborough is also helping me develop my self-management skills, enabling me to grow and enhance my self-confidence. This master’s is helping me to push my limits and see how far I can go, while learning how to maintain a balance across all of my interests and studies.

The undergraduate studies I undertook were not related to the area I chose to study a master’s in. Having chosen to study Sport Management, I applied to Loughborough for its known excellence in the sporting field. Its elite facilities and reputation definitely made me eager and curious to study here.


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, I really appreciate the level of interaction and connection the professors try to achieve with the students.

Not only do we have to study and be prepared, but the continuous search for our ideas and opinions is an aspect which I find particularly engaging and stimulating.

The support and the expertise available is definitely something I looked for when choosing my master’s programme. I can say that up to now the academic staff have been of great help in many ways; available if help is needed for clarification, queries, or further information about the modules.

My career plans after graduation are still a bit unclear. I know the area I would like to work in, which is the sporting field, as broad as it is, but in this moment, I am open to experiences and to make the most out of them.

One thing that I am convinced about, and that my experience at Loughborough has confirmed me, is that I would like to work with and for people, hopefully doing something I enjoy, to transmit my passion and effort to those who will be able benefit from it.

My advice to someone considering studying this programme is to question yourself and keep being curious. Try to stay motivated by engaging in discussion with friends and always ask questions when needed.

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